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Every one of our procedures comes with a consultation with Dr. Schneider to cover any and all questions you may have. We take a full account of all your concerns and help guide you through options for the best results possible. Contact us at Riverview Facial Plastic Surgery and set up your consultation today.


Taking the first steps and looking into some options for cosmetic surgery can be daunting, but we want you to know that we’re here to take you through all options for your full cosmetic rejuvenation from start to finish.


One small surgery can change everything you’re looking to improve in your facial structure. Issues such as drooping Eyelids that take away from your visual spectrum to fully-fledged facial reconstruction or Rhinoplasty to improve breathing are expertly improved with the careful and artistic visions of Dr. Schneider. Depending on the type of surgery, some can require inpatient care, and IV sedation or general anesthesia will be administered. Upon having the consultation with Dr. Schneider, he will determine and explain all the options for sedation and treatment procedures. Let’s talk about rejuvenating your skin and helping to replenish a youthful, glowing look. Contact Riverview Facial Plastic Surgery to schedule your consultation with Dr. Schneider today.



At Riverview Facial Plastic Surgery, we provide surgical and nonsurgical services to turn back the clock and fully restore your beautiful skin to what it was before aging and stress factors modified it.

We offer a wide variety of nonsurgical procedure options for the removal of fine lines, the reintroduction of volume to the face and fillers to help with the slight tug of gravity that can take a toll on your skin and psyche. Dr. Schneider will often recommend a non-surgical procedure to fix the beginning stages of wrinkles and any decrease in your skin’s volume with facials, chemical peels and fillers. If you’re looking to improve the growth of your eyelashes, we’ve got the perfect solution that allows you to treat them at home. We also offer medically supervised weight loss options for those who have tried everything but haven’t made progress. We meet you where you are and help you achieve all of the best aesthetic options to boost confidence and more.

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