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Weight Loss Program Minneapolis, MN

Clean Start Weight Loss Program in Minneapolis, MN

Contact Riverview Facial Plastic Surgery today at 651.493.8501 to discuss how the Clean Start Weight Loss program, combined with other procedures, and a healthy diet can help you regain and maintain a natural and healthy weight.


Fat Removal Treatment Minneapolis, MN

What is the Clean Start Weight Loss Program?

The Clean Start Weight Loss program is a medically-supervised diet and hormone therapy treatment that helps you lose weight, reset your metabolism and natural weight set-point and reduce appetite and cravings so that when you lose the weight, you keep it off.

Overseen by a licensed medical provider, you will receive treatments tailored specifically to your body to achieve the weight loss you want, where you want it, with weekly check-ins to ensure your progress and adjust the treatments to keep you on track to reset your body’s natural metabolism and weight.

How does the Clean Start Weight Loss Program Work?

The Clean Start Weight Loss program has helped thousands of individuals lose weight successfully through a combination of diet and hormone therapy.


First, a doctor will perform a preliminary health assessment to ensure you qualify, and if you do, you will begin daily hormone injections.

During weekly check-ins, your doctor will administer lipotropic injections which will help reduce your hunger and metabolize your body fat.

Beyond injections, you will begin a calorie-controlled diet with comprehensive meal plans and shopping guides to help you learn how to buy and prepare healthy, natural foods at home.

The combined effects of this diet and hormone treatment will reduce your appetite, reset your metabolism and natural weight set-point and minimize your cravings, leading to long-term weight loss and results.

Is the Clean Start Weight Loss Program Right for Everyone?

While diet and exercise eliminate fat calories you have already consumed, these methods do not address the core problem of over-eating which even the strictest weight-loss regimen can’t combat.

Treatments which restore your body’s natural hormone levels have the best chance of keeping the weight off first and most individuals will have positive, long-term results from the HCG and lipotropic injections.

Your doctor will screen for any conditions which may prevent you from receiving hormone treatments for weight loss, but most patients will qualify and benefit from the program.

The Clean Start Weight Loss program has helped over 80,000 people achieve their weight loss goals.

Clean Start Weight Loss Before and After

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