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Revitalize Your Aesthetic, Revamp Your Outlook.

Welcome to Riverview Face + Body Aesthetics

Experience the Luxury of Our Singular Focus, Where Every Day is Devoted to One Special Patient.


Body Surgery & Liposuction

Permanently remove fat and skin from your arms, legs, abdomen and more..


Turn back the clock and revive your youthful look with a face + neck lift.

Eyelid Surgery

Get rid of the bags and puffiness around your eyes that you hate.


Reshape or reconstruct your nose to look like you always wished it to.

Why settle for being just another surgery on the schedule, when you can be the exclusive focus of your surgeon's expertise and care?

Whether you've been wanting liposuction to get rid of extra fat, a facelift to revamp your look, a tummy tuck, or anything else to improve your look and life, Riverview Face & Body Aesthetic has the expertise and personalized care to achieve your ideal outcome. Dr. Daniel Schneider is considered one of the best plastic surgeons in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area because he gives his utmost attention to each patient, and prioritizes a natural and elegant look for each patient's results.

Ready To Take the Next Step?

1. Schedule a Consultation

2. Create Your New Look

3. Complete Your Procedure

Prepare for Your Journey, by Watching This One.

Marble Surface

Discover Before and After Transformations

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