4 Types of Facelifts

Many people think that all facelifts are the same. But in reality, there are numerous different types of facelift procedures – all with their own benefits and drawbacks. In this article, we are going to take a look at four different types of facelifts and the benefits of each.


As the name implies, a mini-facelift is a miniature version of the full facelift. Mini-facelifts use a smaller incision, which makes them less invasive, and work to tighten the cheeks and jawline. However, a mini-facelift does not incorporate any muscle correction, so it typically doesn’t last as long as a full facelift.

Lower Facelift

A lower facelift focuses solely on the lower part of the face. Lower facelifts can be beneficial if the only issues the patient is experiencing are jowls and saggy skin in the bottom part of the face.

Mid Facelift

A mid facelift focuses on correcting issues related to the middle part of the face, such as sagging cheeks and folds around the mouth.

Full Facelift

A full facelift is a combination of the lower and mid facelift. It offers tightening for the entire face. This procedure is often referred to as “the works” and can be beneficial for patients that have issues in multiple areas of the face.

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4 Facts About Facelifts

Facelifts can be scary for patients who have never experienced them. But with a little knowledge of what the procedure entails and what to expect – they become much less nerve-wracking. In this article, we are going to offer up four facts about facelifts.


The medical term for a facelift is a rhytidectomy. Facelift is a much more commonly used term for the procedure. Your surgeon will likely call the procedure a facelift as well – but it’s good to know the technical term just in case it comes up.


After a facelift procedure, swelling typically goes down within two weeks. Keep in mind that every patient is different. Some may experience decreased swelling a week after the procedure, while others may continue to experience swelling beyond two weeks.

Smooth & Tight

A facelift smooths and tightens the skin around your face. Ultimately, you will look refreshed and rejuvenated!

Procedure Time

The procedure usually takes between two to four hours. The specific procedure time depends heavily on the specific patient undergoing the procedure. Consult with your physician for specific timing.

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Look Like YOU Again with a Facelift

There are many changes that come along with an aging body. Weight appears in new places, skin becomes less tight, and wrinkles form. Sometimes these changes are so great that patients don’t even feel like themselves anymore. In this article, we are going to discuss how a facelift can help you look like you again.

Restore Loss of Muscle Tone & Skin Elasticity

A facelift works to restore lost muscle tone and tighten skin, helping you look as young as you feel.

Decrease Jowls & Deep Creases Around the Nose & Mouth

Two common signs of aging that show in the face are the development of jowls and deep creases around the mouth and nose. A facelift can get rid of these lingering issues.

Restore Tired Appearance

Natural signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, and crow’s feet can make a person look tired. A facelift can resolve these issues and make you look more rested.

Define Chin & Sagging Neck

A facelift can put definition back in a chin and tighten up a sagging neck – giving you a more youthful and confident appearance.

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