It can be difficult to lose weight and sometimes it may seem impossible for some. As the old saying goes, doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results is insanity. At Riverview, we know what you’re going through and know that it can be frustrating to attempt weight loss without results. Our method of weight loss involves use of a natural hormone, hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in low doses combined with a strict but short diet that allows patients to lose 30 lbs in 40 days!

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Benefits of our hCG Program

hCG allows rapid weight loss (0.5-1 lb per day) and is physician supervised. This hormone targets “problem” fat around your abdomen, hips, thighs, neck, and face and resets your metabolism to help maintain your weight loss. This is done through a reduction in appetite combined with calorie restriction. During the period of weight loss which ranges from 23-40 days, you will require supervision by Dr. Schneider’s team at Riverview in order to obtain optimal and safe results.

Who is Appropriate for hCG Weight Loss?

Not everyone is an appropriate candidate for this type of weight loss as it requires two very critical conditions to be met:

  • Patients may not have certain medical conditions that preclude them from safely using hCG for weight loss. A consultation is required prior to starting hCG.
  • Patients must me mentally ready and able to follow a VERY strict protocol for the duration of their treatment without deviation.

Losing weight doesn’t have to be a burden anymore. At Riverview Facial Plastic Surgery we have designed an individualized hCG weight loss plan followed by a maintenance plan that will lead to better health in a reasonable amount of time.

*Individual results may vary.

Patient Support and Phases of hCG weight loss

Dietary phase

While using hCG, the most important consideration is strict adherence to the protocol.

The protocol has worked with 100,000’s of people. It is consistent and reproducible and it will work as long as you do not deviate from the protocol. This diet is only for a short period of time, on average, 23-30 days. During this time, you will follow a specified diet in addition to weekly meetings where the staff of Riverview will support and assist you. A Patient Protocol Guidebook is given to each patient that elects to follow this hCG program. This will assist in educating you and includes a food journal that you will bring to your weekly meetings.

Maintenance phase, After hCG

This is where a lifestyle change is critical to support and maintain your weight loss. Dr. Schneider’s team will assist you with setting up a healthy lifestyle that involves healthier eating, regular exercise as well as resistance training. Weight loss does not need to take a significant amount of time. However, you will need to maintain these results with lifestyle changes after the weight is lost.

When we begin to understand that weight loss maintenance is not simply a fast fix solution after hCG and that a lifelong change must occur. We also don’t want to think of maintenance as a diet. When you think of the word dieting, there’s often a negative connotation in relation to it. We want to think of weight loss maintenance as a necessary and healthy way to a long and happy life, free of complications. Excess weight brings about many complications in the body and mind such as heart disease, lowered circulation and oxygen delivery to the body, posture problems and confidence issues.