There are many misconceptions about plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures. We’d like to clear up some of these myths. In this article, we are going to debunk several of the most common myths surrounding plastic surgery.

Myth – You can Expect Your Results to Last Forever

Having a plastic surgery procedure done does not mean that your body stops aging. Your body will continue to age long past your date of surgery. A facelift may be able to reset your aging clock by several years, but the clock keeps on ticking. Aging is inevitable, and while plastic surgery procedures can help stall the march of time, the results do not last forever.

Myth – Every Procedure is Painless for Every Person

Everyone experiences pain differently. One patient may experience no pain at all with a certain procedure, while another person may experience a great deal of pain with the same exact surgery. There are general guidelines for specific procedures that can give some insight into how painful a procedure is, but pain is so subjective that you will need to approach your procedure from your own perspective.

Myth – Each Patient is a Good Candidate for Every Procedure

While some clinics will tell you that every procedure is good for every patient, the truth is that some patients are simply not good candidates for certain procedures. You should always work with your plastic surgeon to determine the best procedure or procedures for your situation.

Facial Plastic Clinic

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Plastic Surgery Myths