Jessica’s Journey with Clean Start Weight Loss, Part 2

Note: this is part 2 of an ongoing guest blog series by Jessica Joyce, documenting her preparations on the road to the 2019 Mrs. MN America Pageant. Read Part 1 here. Hi! I am 2 weeks into my Mrs. Minnesota America prep and am loving the journey so far! This process is pushing me out […]

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After Losing Weight, When Is the Best Time for Body Contouring?

Losing weight is a huge accomplishment that anyone can be proud of. We’ve talked before about how body contouring like CoolSculpting can help you lose fat in unwanted areas that you can’t get rid of with exercise alone. But once you’ve lost weight, when is the right time to get body contouring? In this article, […]

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Jessica week 1

Jessica’s Journey with Clean Start Weight Loss, Part 1

Note: this is part 1 of an ongoing guest blog series by Jessica Joyce, documenting her preparations on the road to the 2019 Mrs. MN America Pageant. Hi! I’m Jessica! A 36-year-old wife and mother to a very on the go 3-year-old boy. I’m a fitness enthusiast and nutrition nut who enjoys traveling to all […]

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Blepharoplasty Surgery

Am I a Good Candidate for Blepharoplasty?

Blepharoplasty (or eyelid rejuvenation) is a common facial plastic procedure in which the patient’s eyelids are restored to a more youthful appearance. This article is all about blepharoplasty – what it is, what it can treat, and who is a good candidate for the procedure. What Blepharoplasty can Treat Blepharoplasty can be helpful in treating […]

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Eyelid Lift Surgery

Brow Lift vs. Eyelid Lift – Differences & Similarities

Two of the most common facial plastic procedures are the brow lift and the eyelid lift. While these procedures can often accomplish similar goals, there are some marked differences that patients should be aware of when making a decision about their surgery. In this article, we are going about the similarities and differences between the […]

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Chin Implants

3 Types of Chin Implants

Chin implant surgery is a relatively common facial plastic procedure that is often combined with a rhinoplasty procedure to achieve the patient’s desired look. The ultimate goal of a chin augmentation is to bring greater balance to the face by elongate the jawline and balance the proportions of the patient’s face. But when it comes […]

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Cosmetic Wedding Treatments

Cosmetic Treatments to Prepare for Wedding Season

Wedding season is still several months away, but if you’re considering a cosmetic procedure in preparation for your wedding, it’s important to start making plans and appointments now. In this article, we are going to talk about the timing of cosmetic treatments as you prepare for wedding season. Three Months Out – Body Contouring Start […]

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After Facelift

3 Tips for Boosting the Longevity of Your Facelift Results

What you do (or don’t do) after a facelift procedure can have a big impact on the lasting results of the procedure. This is something a lot of patients don’t think about. In this article, we are going to offer up a few tips for protecting the results of your facelift in the months and […]

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Revision Rhinoplasty – Are You a Good Candidate?

Many patients have heard of the rhinoplasty procedure – but what is a revision rhinoplasty? In this article, we are going to discuss the revision rhinoplasty procedure and when it can be a good option for patients. What is Revision Rhinoplasty? A revision rhinoplasty is a rhinoplasty procedure performed on a patient who has previously […]

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Rhinoplasty Expectations

Realistic Expectations from Your Rhinoplasty Procedure

Managing expectations is extremely important with any surgical procedure – especially facial plastic surgeries. In this article, we are going to discuss what you can realistically expect from your rhinoplasty procedure. Managing Expectations Going into any surgical procedure, it’s important for both patient and surgeon to manage expectations. A rhinoplasty is no different. Be sure […]

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